Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility

We recognise that we have social, ethical, and environmental responsibilities to meet.

Here at Destination Sport, we recognise that we have social, ethical, and environmental responsibilities to meet, and we constantly review our plans and initiatives to ensure we meet these.We aim to make a positive impact, working alongside our people, suppliers, and clients by adhering to our 5 pillars.

• People and wellbeing
• Equality
• Duty of care & Protecting the Environment
• Community engagement
• Supplier standards

People and wellbeing

We foster a culture of physical and mental wellbeing.


A supportive & inclusive culture for all.

Duty of care & protecting the environment

Committed to minimising the impact of the business on the environment.

Community engagement

We believe in being active in our local community.

Suppliers’ standards

Committed to building fair and sustainable relationships with our suppliers.

People and wellbeing

Working within the sports industry we foster a culture of physical and mental wellbeing, and as a Mindful Employer we recognise the importance of looking after our employees physical and mental health.

We support our staff and provide guidance and resources focusing on four pillars of physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Maintaining fitness levels
  • Promoting physical health
  • Mental wellness
  • Creating an active lifestyle

When it comes to our people, we believe that engagement is key, and we foster a culture of continuous communication, feedback, and development. Our annual engagement survey and regular pulse surveys allows us to monitor and create solid action plans to ensure engagement remains high.

We comply to all legislation and have a suite of HR policies in place to underpin our engagement strategy


Destination Sport promotes a supportive & inclusive culture for all as guided by the Equality Act 2010

We have implemented ethical recruitment practises and create job specifications that reduce barriers for minority groups to apply. This, along with using job boards/SME recruitment agencies/Jobcentres/Linked In/Referrals ensures we attract a diverse candidate pool.

Duty of care and protecting the environment

We are fully committed to minimising the impact of the business on the environment and to comply with all applicable legislative and regulative requirements and are accredited to ISO14001 and ISO50001.

We encourage staff to travel to work through lower emission transport means, whether cycling to work, taking public transport or other more eco-friendly methods.

We embedded the principles of reduce, reuse, recycle, recover and adopting the most efficient use of available resources.

We commit to a sustainable policy of continuous improvement in all areas of utilities, materials, waste and emissions and the prevention of all forms of pollution.

We set regular objectives and targets for those aspects of the business that have significant impacts on the environment, these are monitored and regularly reviewed.

We provide appropriate information to all employees on their roles and responsibilities with regards to this policy and overall Environmental awareness.

Community engagement

At Destination Sport we believe that being active in our local community is key when it comes to the future of our industry. We partner with local colleges, and universities to inspire and mentor the next generation, we offer placements and are heavily evolved in career talks and local initiatives.

Suppliers’ standards

We are committed to building fair and sustainable relationships with our suppliers. We recognise the essential contribution that our suppliers make in achieving our aims and aspirations for sound sourcing.

  • We have developed our Sound Sourcing Code of Conduct that identifies the standards that we expect to be applied across all of our suppliers.
  • We have close relationships and regular dialogue with all of our key suppliers and ensure our values align.

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